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Cobalt's Transcribe technology powers all our speech-to-text recognition projects. This demo uses a variant of Transcribe that offers general purpose speech recognition. We can also work with you to customize Transcribe for your unique requirements.

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  • This demo requires Firefox 56.0 or later, or Chrome 62.0 or later. Chrome requires this page to be opened via HTTPS.
  • Please make sure you allow this page to access your microphone when your browser prompts you to do so.
  • You may continue to use the file upload feature.


Unable to initialize this demo. Please try again later or contact us for assistance!

This demo is restricted in some ways. Unless specified as telephony or far field, all the models expect 16 kHz audio recorded with a close microphone. If you upload a file with a different sample rate, your results will be less accurate. Please get in touch with us if you have concerns about processing speed or accuracy.
The audio you upload may be stored on our servers for internal purposes; do not include any sensitive information.